The Book


I once had dinner with Bob Proctor, who I consider to be my coach and mentor. I asked Bob, ‘How do I become like you when I grow up?’ 
He said, ‘Write a book,’ and so I did! After all, who am I to not listen to Bob Proctor?!
Bob’s book, ‘You Were Born Rich,’ inspired the title of my book, ‘You Were Born WOW,’ and the concept of each of us being born Wow, until we are sadly convinced otherwise.
I am a firm believer that all of us were born ‘WOW,’ and my mission is to inspire and motivate women to experience love and joy every day of their lives so that they can have a totally ‘Wow life’ – one that is vibrant and fulfilling. 
The main point of my book is to show you the possibilities, and to let you know it’s not over. You have all you need – the time, money and energy to start living your life the way you choose for yourself.

“You Were Born Wow is a great reminder that all of us have the potential to rise, even in difficult circumstances. In her book, Katia takes us on a journey through storytelling as well as practices to live a life of pure abundance. Definitely a great refresher for reminding ourselves that we are empowered beings.”

— Michelle Tanmizi, Best Selling Author® of Late Dawn & Co-Author of Adventures in Manifesting: Conscious Business.

“Very motivating book! Katia inspires women to start living the life of their dreams. She gives them hope that it’s never too late to begin their transformational journey. On the one hand, she is very serious with her message, but at the same time, she’s funny with the way she presents it. As an athlete, I appreciate her discipline and devotion to her goals. She is a true inspiration for women of all ages and nationalities.”

— Natascha Ragosina, Professional Boxer

“There was never a better time to triple on your strengths and turn your dreams into reality! Ladies, you have everything you need to become WOW inside of you. Read Katia’s journey and follow her teachings to elevate your spirit and be the Star in your own movie. Following her example, anyone can turn their life into a vibrant and fulfilling experience, full of love and joy.”

— Irina Cheva, Distinguished Entrepreneur and Author