My Story

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and moved to Canada when I was 17. I spent much of my 20s and 30s following the path I believed was expected of me: I received a degree in Psychology, a Law degree and I went on to earn a Master’s degree in International Law. Despite the accolades, I was unfulfilled and wondered if there was a higher purpose for my life. 

I started fearing my age, feeling like my life was wasted on unimportant stuff; and it felt like time had ‘tick-tocked’ away without me even noticing. 

Then, I was in a terrifying accident at my family’s cabin outside of Moscow. A fire almost took my life, and everything changed. I can still remember breathing in amid the suffocating smoke, and wondering if I was taking my last breath. I survived the fire, and was left in wonderment at how little time separated me from death. It shifted my perspective, and after years of wasting time and pursuing what others expected of me, I finally started living for myself. 

At 42 years old, I decided to forget everything I’d learned that was considered “proper” and instead, I began living by a new rule – the “What if?” rule. I asked myself, ‘What if there’s an answer to my questions on the other side of some crazy idea? What if there’s happiness and satisfaction?’ I taught myself to listen carefully to those risk-taking thoughts, and now I act on them. The results are always a win simply because I believe it is always better to do something, even if you fail, rather than regretting not having done it at all. 

Over the coming years…

  • I quit the prestigious law field and now am an advocate for women, who, in my opinion, should obey only one law– the Law of Being Happy. 
  • I achieved the status of Certified Jack Canfield Trainer in Success Principles and I am now mentoring women all over the world. 
  • I became a best-selling author® with my book, ‘You Were Born WOW.’
  • I competed as a fitness bikini model on various stages.  
  • I began working as an inspirational speaker, success coach and health coach.

Today, I am passionate about leading women to find their fire and to release all limitations and change their mindsets so that they too can unleash their true self.